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Why Support Celly?

Celly does good.

Celly subsidizes millions of free messages every month on behalf of thousands of causes worldwide. We’ve delivered over 100 million free messages for student learning, HIV awareness, hurricane relief, and social justice movements like #OccupyWallStreet and #BlackLivesMatter.

Celly fights evil.

Social networks like Facebook and Google spy on you, sell your privacy, and spam you with advertisements. Celly deplores these for-profit surveillance tactics and embraces corporate social responsibility. We never turn your phone into a tracking device, pollute your conversation streams, or bake you into a cookie. In contrast to our nefarious ad-based competitors, we protect your privacy and earn revenue honestly--by selling valuable premium features and win-win crowdfunding.

Celly has your back.

Celly believes in your cause. We’re the dependable IT backbone for your movement, a one-stop platform for capacity building—from rapid group communication to back-office collaboration to crowdfunding. We peruse all feedback and act on your requests. Email cofounders@cel.ly to reach Celly’s cofounders anytime.

Your support makes a difference!

No matter what amount, your contribution...

  • Helps Celly continue to subsidize organizations and social movements with very limited budgets.
  • Funds development of new features.
  • Keeps ads off Celly.
  • Recognizes you as a Celly Supporter. Supporters are identified by a special badge pinned to their avatars (coming soon). Supporters receive early access to products and can give product guidance via @CellySupporters.