Link Your Campus Networks Into a Constellation

"It has increased the number of ways I can find out what students are thinking and get them to share their ideas with others in the class."
— Liza Finkel, Associate Professor of Education in the Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling in the Department of Teacher Education
“Celly is local, unique and leading edge in terms of providing access to the secure and robust social networking capability we were looking for. We did not find anyone else providing the functionality they do.”
— Curt Pederson, Chief Information Officer at the University of Portland

Universities are using Celly to facilitate communication between administrators, professors, and students. Safely and securely network your learning ecosystem with a campus-wide, mobile-driven Celly network.

No blurred lines, no shared numbers: Celly is the perfect place for all of your most important interactions.

Connect faculty and students with a university wide network.

Utilize Celly’s powerful toolkit: filter in educational web content, links cells together, and build mobile quizzes.

Transform student’s personal devices into valuable resources: encourage student led discussions, create a back-channel for presentations or videos, and provide immediate in-class support.