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"Celly gives me the ability to schedule my text messages, keep interactions private, and give my students a space where they can easily communicate with me."
— Julie Jee, English teacher at Arlington High School
" has changed my classroom for the better! I have been pleased by how it has encouraged students who need more time to process to share their thinking with peers."
— Kimberly Hoffman, Social Studies Teacher with Portland Public Schools

Celly turns classrooms, teams, and school districts into safe, private communication networks. Schools around the world are using Celly for a variety of scenarios including afterschool homework help, classroom mentoring, and parent-teacher collaboration.

Transform student’s personal devices into valuable resources: encourage student led discussions, create a back-channel for presentations or videos, and provide immediate in-class support.

Give students the help they need outside the classroom: check in during long breaks, provide homework help, schedule reminders (or encouragement) about upcoming assignments or tests.

Switch between chat modes: use alert only for district wide announcements, curated chat for student discussions, and open chat with parents or fellow educators.

Celly works via web, iPhone, Android, SMS text and even email. No special device purchase necessary.

Use polling to build mobile quizzes, filter in educational web content, or link cells for a specialized network.

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