Make Your Stand

The leaders of tomorrow are using Celly.

"It really helps to build community. When you’re working with a big group, Celly is a great way for everyone to feel connected and on the same page."
— Shannon Smith, Activist at Powershift
“We used Celly to put out the SOS that Occupy Wall Street was being evicted from Zuccotti Park. That text message instantly notified over 5,000 people - and was directly to thank for turning out all those people who came to be witness to history that night.”
— Shawn Carrie, Member of Occupy Wall Street’s Tech Ops Working Group

At rallies and protests Celly provides the quickest way to form a group. Activists and humanitarians can organize into cells of unlimited size by texting a single message and communicate in real-time with any device.

Switch between chat modes: alert only for public announcements, curated chat for city wide dialogue, and open chat with your fellow activists.

Create a private or public network and plan sit-ins, schedule meets, and update activists in real-time.

Quickly blast messages to thousands of people in a matter of seconds. Celly works via iPhone, Android, web, SMS text and even email.

Use polling to coordinate volunteers and activists, filter in relevant web content, or hashlink cells for a country-wide network.