Celly Fundraisers

New crowdfunding platform for your classroom, school, alumni, team, organization, or cause.

  • Set a one-time goal with an end date, or an ongoing fundraiser with a monthly goal.
  • You don’t have to meet your goal to get paid.
  • Contributors can use any major credit card and even Apple Pay.
  • Unlike DonorsChoose, your campaign receives money directly, so you can budget expenses and purchase products and services as needed.
  • Works seamlessly with existing Celly groups (cells).
  • You can make fundraisers public so anyone can view and contribute.
  • Only 4% fees (lower than Kickstarter, Patreon, GoFundMe) Stripe partnership insures very low payment processing fees.
  • Contributors can use any device—smartphone app, web, and even text messaging.

Ready to get started?