Celly for Schools Advantages

Celly has been designed to improve communication and engagement in schools. We welcome feedback from teachers, students, and parents so we can continue to improve our service.

Schools are adopting Celly because of many unique advantages and features:


Schools require group collaboration applications that are instantly accessible to all participants including low-income students who cannot afford smart devices like iPhones and iPads. Celly’s SMS capabilities enable ubiquitous access.


Schools have strict privacy requirements. With Celly, phone numbers are never shared between participants so teachers and students do not have to be concerned about issues of impropriety.


Teachers need to filter messages before they are rebroadcast to make sure students stay on-topic and to manage abuse, impersonation, and cyberbullying. Cell membership and message content can be moderated for security and relevancy by a cell curator. If a student sends disruptive messages, the teacher can remove the student from the cell.

Unlimited Group Size

Cells have no limit on members. Celly can be used for tiny groups of only three people or big populations like an entire high school, college, or university.

Web Access

For students without cellphones and for power users who wish to move their conversations between their desktop and phone, Celly also offers complete website access to all services.

Cells are Named

Every cell has a unique name, for example, @history101, so to join, users simply text @history101 to Celly’s phone number. A teacher can just announce the cell name and users can simply text the name of the cell to join it.


Because cells are named, the call-to-action to join a cell can be posted across media types--on a blackboard, website, in print ads, TV, or podcast.


Opt-in membership to cells eliminates the need to prune stale contacts, obviates bookeeping, and prevents spamming of users.

Sophisticated SMS

Celly’s SMS command-line interface is based on patent-pending MultiText™ technology that enables users to manage an unlimited number of cells via text messaging.

Easy to Join

Celly lets anybody create, join, and discover cells via the Celly website https://cel.ly or by just sending a text message. There’s no software to download, install, or configure so engagement is instant.

Conversation Modes

Conversation mode can be configured for one-way messaging, from the teacher to all members, or two-way group chat between all members.


In addition to group SMS chat, Celly lets the cell curator send out multiple-choice polls. Polls are quick and easy way to get feedback from cell members e.g. “what day is best for the event? #monday #wednesday #friday”


Celly lets users take quick notes by sending texts to a built-in @me cell