About Celly

Learn Together

Celly believes people who #learntogether change the world.

When ideas mix, culture thrives.
When knowledge spreads, innovation occurs.
When resources pool together, words become actions.

Our Mission

Celly’s mission is to build a culture of sharing, trust, and authenticity so people can learn together.

How Celly Transforms Learning

Celly embraces the power and popularity of mobile messaging to invert the learning paradigm.

Traditional learning is top down. Existing learning management systems, policies, and frameworks are based on rigid, pedagogical hierarchies — with educators, staff, and administrators rooted at the top and students, parents, and community members at the bottom.

With the ubiquity of phones, tablets, and laptops, everybody can now ask questions and reply with answers instantly to and from anybody else in the world. So instead of top-down traditional hierarchies, Celly’s messaging platform empowers people to self-assemble peer-to-peer collaborative learning networks.

Our Focus

Celly is focused on three learning priorities:

1. Maximizing engagement by closing the digital divide

Celly bridges the digital access divide to make sure everybody is connected to their learning ecosystem. We designed Celly from the get-go for inclusion: students, parents, teachers, admins, coaches, or community members can access Celly using any device or platform —smartphone apps, Web browsers, email, or even text messaging.

2. Providing a rich, flexible collaboration platform.

Learning scenarios vary dramatically--from mobile communication initiatives that amplify student voices to professional development networks for teachers to international AIDS/HIV education programs to social enlightenment campaigns against worldwide economic inequity and racial injustice.

So unlike niche communication platforms focused on mass notifications, Celly can propel your learning movement far beyond one-way reminders or alerts. In addition to one-way messages, you can exchange two-way group messages, moderate discussions, conduct polls and surveys, directly message members, take notes, share photos, files, and even broadcast your conversations to people nearby.

Furthermore, unlike social platforms that limit collaboration to a single teams, Celly empowers multiple teams with different social identities to learn together. Teams can link together like social building blocks. 
So you can create partner alliances, professional learning networks, 
and communities of practice that span organizational boundaries.

3. Building capacity for learning movements through crowdfunding.

We've listened to feedback from teachers, teachers, and parents, and we've heard one requirement loud and clear. Schools needs ways to get money. So we built a state-of-the-art crowdfunding platform catering to schools and learning movements that unlocks a virtuous cycle between community engagement and funding.

Celly members like parents can contribute just-in-time to funding needs--for school equipment, field trips, band and sports teams...and the best way to spread the word to surrounding community is to communicate funding needs instantly with a cross-platform tool like Celly. It’s so easy and people can contribute on any device.

Authenticity is our Core Value

We believe...

Words build movements.
Words inspire learning.
Words level playing fields.
Words create change.

… So words must be free.

Authenticity cultivates transparency, trust, and inclusiveness.

Authenticity removes barriers —school walls or dated tools, pedagogy, or curricula — by embracing openness, change, and discovery.

Authenticity leads to emergence.

We believe trust and transparency empower authentic student voices, teach accountability, and lead to open, free-flowing dialogue that unlocks learning, creativity, and collaboration. So unlike walled-garden, classroom-centric social networks and learning management systems, Celly believes in deliberately encouraging learners to create their own collaboration networks to communicate with each other. We’re amazed by the variety of applications people think up: from link crew mentoring — where upperclassmen mentor younger classmates — to student-led networks for clubs, plays, teams, student government, class elections, and yearbook.

Please Join Us

Mobile messaging has the power to transform learning.

To build a world where students co-create knowledge by sharing opinions, ideas, questions, answers, curiosity, and inspiration freely with peers, parents, teachers, coaches, and subject-matter-experts in communities of practice.

A world where everybody has autonomy and agency to self-organize and build personal learning networks where reputation and credibility emerge through knowledge and connections rather than title, position, or rank.

A world where learning is ambient, continuous, and transcends classroom walls to include playbooks on the sports field, music scores on the stage, events in neighborhoods, issues in local communities, and on-the-job training in businesses.

A world where academia abounds and the power to learn is around us at all times, just a message away.

Please support Celly and let’s build movements with authenticity where people #learntogether

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