Create Your Own Social Networks.
Simple. Beautiful. Private. No Ads.
Celly for
Celly for

Cells are social networks for communities and real life organizations


Phone numbers and messages kept private.

No scanning of your data.

Theme your cells with cover photos and avatars.

Make many cells for all parts of your life.

No member size limit so go wild!

Safe, Quiet, Pollution-Free

Curation keeps conversations safe and on-topic.

Hashtags eliminate noise while highlighting topics of interest.

No spam pollution or consumer profiling ever so you can slake your thirst with pure message streams.


Instantly start, join, and continue conversations on any device.

Narrow the digital divide by including everybody via app, web, email, or SMS.


Text, photos, and emojis.

Private messages.

Polls and surveys.

Scheduled messages.

@me personal notes.


Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box file integration.

Track Twitter and RSS feeds like a group newsreader.

API for third party apps.


Drag and drop cells into an administrative domain.

Monitor statistics, maps, and leaderboards for patterns and outliers.